Plastic Recycling Granulating Line Successfully Shipped to Ethiopia

Shuliy successfully shipped the plastic recycling granulating line to Ethiopia and the customer was very satisfied. The details of this transaction are described in this article.

Customized solutions from Shuliy

The client came to Shuliy with a clear need for a customized plastic recycling granulating line to meet their specific production requirements. The Shuliy worked closely with the client to customize the plastic shredder and plastic dryer as per their requirements, ensuring that these could be seamlessly integrated into their production process.

As a professional plastic pelletizing line supplier, Shuliy offered the customer a substantial discount on their order, along with additional complimentary accessories that were necessary to increase the overall value.


Belt conveyor
Length:5m Width:0.5m Power:1.5kw
Plastic Crusher
Model: SLSP-600
Power: 22kw
Capacity: 600-800kg/h Knives: 10pcs
Knives Material: 60Si2Mn
2 sets
Washing Tank
With 2pcs grapple With chain and motor
2 sets

Why The Customer Love Shuliy Plastic Recycling Granulating Line And Washing Line

In the plastics recycling industry, the quality and delivery time of the equipment is of paramount importance. Customers are very concerned about the quality and on-time delivery of plastic recycling granulating line. Shuliy has successfully met the expectations of its customers with excellent quality control and efficient production processes, ensuring that they get high-performance, reliable equipment, delivered on schedule.

There are several key reasons why customers choose Shuliy: Comprehensive solutions,High-quality washing and pelletizing,Customized solutions

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