Shuliy Plastic Bottle Washing Machine Shipped To Nigeria

Here is the shipping news of the Plastic Bottle Washing Machine shipped to Nigeria in December 2022 for your reference. Shuliy Group has plastic recycling machines sent to every corner of the world every month, and you can collect our case pages to your favorite for more info.

Simple Introduction of Shuliy PET Bottle Washing Machine to Nigeria

Brand: Shuliy;

Location: Nigeria;

Capacity: 1000kg/h

Raw materials to process: waste plastic bottles;

Final products to get: pet flakes;


Why This Nigerian Customer Buy Plastic Bottle Washing Machine?

After our sales manager Sunny communicated with this Nigerian customer, we learned that this customer is engaged in the environmental protection recycling industry. His company needs to recycle waste plastic bottles and make them into PET flakes for sale.

What is the use of recycled PET flakes?

plastic pet flakes
plastic pet flake
plastic pet pieces

It is understood that these recycled PET flakes will be exported to Europe. Therefore, he hopes that our PET washing line can help him recycle the waste plastic bottles collected by the company into PET fragments that meet European standards. These clean PET flakes will then be sold to Europe. At the same time, their company will also use these PET chips for blow molding. The customer said that the recycling of waste plastic bottles is a good project, and the profit is huge.

Why do customers choose Shuliy plastic bottle recycling machine?

  • The Pet bottle washing machine we provide can meet the needs of customers
  • Reasonably priced and affordable
  • Our sales manager promptly responds to customer questions and resolves customer concerns
  • The Pet bottle washing machine we provide can meet the needs of customers
  • We provide customized solutions and spray the customer’s company logo according to customer requirements.