1000kg/h PET Bottle Washing Line Shipped To Mozambique

This month, Shuliy Group shipped a pet bottle washing line to our customer in Mozambique. The pet washing line has been tested several times in our factory before delivery and is functioning well. The pet bottle washing line is currently on its way to maputo, the customer’s port. Now let’s find out more about the line!

Simple Introduction of Shuliy pet bottle washing line to Mozambique

Brand: Shuliy;
Product Name: pet bottle washing line
Location: Mozambique;
Model and capacity: 1000kg/h
Raw materials to process: pet bottles
Final products to get: 14mm pet flakes

washing machine parts
washing machine
washing machine parts

Why choose Shuliy pet bottle washing line?

This customer is in the plastic recycling business. He has been engaged in plastic bottle recycling for many years, and he already owns several pet washing lines and plastic granulation lines with large output and high configuration imported from China. He likes Chinese machines very much. Due to the objective profit, their company is going to expand production, so this customer found Shuliy Group.

At present, he has successfully paid the order fee for a pet bottle washing line, a plastic granulation line, and a plastic baler. Now the production of the pet bottle washing recycling line has been completed, and we have shipped the goods to the customer’s shipping agent and shipped them successfully. In the future, we will update you on the delivery status of plastic granulation lines and plastic balers.

Customer concerns about Shuliy Pet Bottle Washing Line

This Mozambican customer attaches great importance to this pet washing line. Before buying the machine, he had a detailed understanding of the number, volume, number of containers required, power, line capacity per hour, and power consumption of the 1000kg/h pet flakes production line. At the same time, he also asked some common customer questions.

20~25 working days

This machine line is easy to install and operate, no need to spend more time and money to install or train workers. You can connect the machine to the power supply, then the machine can work directly, and we can customize the voltage for you. Our machines are installed before leaving the factory. After receiving the machine, it can be tidied up and used. After placing an order, we will also provide detailed operating instructions

Our motor is made in China. Although we don’t use motors like Siemens, we can guarantee that our engines are of the best quality in China. Because it is too expensive to use Siemens motors for the whole line, the motors made in China are enough for washing machines. But if your budget is sufficient, we can also equip you with Siemens motors

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