Export 1500pcs/h Egg tray machine with Drying box To Lebanon

Shuliy Group recently shipped an egg tray machine to a client in Lebanon. The egg tray machine has been tested many times in our factory before delivery and works well. Currently on its way to the customer’s port. Let’s learn more about it now!

Simple Introduction Of Shuliy 1500pcs/h Egg tray machine with Drying box To Lebanon

Brand: Shuliy;
Product Name: egg tray machine with Drying box
Location: Lebanon;
Template size:1250*400mm
Rotating surface:1
Operate speed:3-6 time/min
Mould number: 4

Our egg tray machine can be customized to produce the right egg tray machine according to the customer’s local egg diameter and production scale. 

Reasons for choosing Shuliy manual egg tray making machine

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