Charcoal Making Machine

Straw Charcoal Making Machine Installed In Iran

Good news! Shuliy wheat straw charcoal making machine was successfully installed in Iran. The charcoal equipment is currently in good working order and employees can easily use the machine.

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Palm Kernel Shell Charcoal Machine Was Successfully Installed In Japan

Good news! Shuliy Group palm kernel shell charcoal machine was successfully installed in Japan. We have completed the production, shipment, and installation of the Shuliy charcoal machine as planned. The palm kernel shell charcoal produced has a wide range of uses. It can be used as fuel, deep-processed into activated carbon, formulated into organic fertilizer, used as building materials, etc. The palm kernel shell charcoal produced by the Shuliy Group palm kernel shell charcoal machine sells well and is of high quality.

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Shuliy Biochar Plant Is About To Be Shipped To Indonesia

Congratulations! An SL-JH-1320 charcoal machine was sent to Indonesia. The raw material used by our Indonesian customers is sawdust. The capacity of the machine is 3 tons per hour. All preparations (including production, stocking, and delivery) have been completed on time. Both our customers and Shuliy Group are looking forward to a successful installation of charcoal machines in Indonesia in the near future.

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Shuliy Sludge Carbonization Equipment Will be Shipped To Saudi Arabia

Good news! Shuliy sludge carbonization equipment is about to be shipped from Qingdao port in China to Saudi Arabia. We tested the machine before shipping and sent the customer many operation videos

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SL-JH-1218 Charcoal Making Machine Successfully Installed In Malaysia

Good news! Shuliy Group SL-JH-1218 carbonization equipment has been successfully installed in Malaysia, currently, this machine is in good condition and can process up to 2 tons of coconut shells per hour, bringing huge economic benefits to our Malaysian customers.

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