Continuous Carbonization Furnace Sale

Continuous Carbonization Furnace

Shuliy continuous carbonization furnace is a new type of carbonization furnace. It has the characteristics of high return, low investment, and wide application, and is favored by the majority of customers. We have focused on carbonization furnace design for about 20 years and can provide the best charcoal machine at a reasonable price. Please learn more about us if you want to start an investment in the charcoal manufacturing business.

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5000+ Biochar Production Equipment Cases Display

مجموعة شولي specializes in the development and manufacture of charcoal manufacturing machines. Our charcoal maker machine has been successfully exported to more than 50 countries such as the Philippines, Malaysia, Japan, Myanmar, Iraq, Congo, Uganda, Romania, the United Kingdom, etc. All biomass pyrolysis plants installed so far are operating well. Through after-sales tracking feedback, we learned that customers have gained huge benefits from carbonization projects.

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Choose Right Continuous Carbonization Furnace Model

The production capacity of the Shuliy carbonizer machine varies from 500kg/h to 3000kg/h. Here we show the newest model of carboniser. But if you would like a machine with other capacities, we can provide you with another model or offer you a tailor-made solution.

Hourly Feeding Capacity500 كجم0.8-1 Tons1.5-2Tons2.5-3Tons
طريقة العملالتفحيم المستمر
حجم المفاعلΦ800 ممΦ 1000 ممΦ1300 ممΦ1700mm
Heating   MaterialsCharcoal, wood, diesel, natural gas, LPG, biomass pellets, etc.
إجمالي الطاقة40 كيلو واط / ساعة55 كيلو واط / ساعة60 كيلو واط / ساعة72kw/h
Floor Area (L*W*H)30m*15m*7m35 * 15 * 7 م45 * 15 * 10 م50*15*10m
Operating PressureConstant Pressure
Cooling MethodRecycling Water Cooling
عمر5-8 سنوات

Raw Materials You Can Process

  • Various biomass wastes: rice husks, sawdust, coconut husks, olive husks, palm husks, bamboo, sawdust, etc.
  • Civil sludge, municipal sludge, industrial sludge, etc.
  • Municipal waste, food waste.

ملحوظة: many Shuliy carbonization equipment using coconut shells, wood, palm kernel shell, jute stick, bamboo, wheat straw, etc. as raw materials are sold well in Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, Romania, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Poland, Oman, Yemen, Iran, and other countries.

What You Will Get From Biochar Machine

Our charcoal machines’ price starts at $50,000. But the charcoal yield is about 3:1. And the main end product we get is artificial carbon with a fixed high carbon content (about 90%). This shows that you will get huge profits. In addition, you can also get tar, wood vinegar, and combustible gases during the carbonization process. Below are the uses of each product.

Note: Activated charcoal cannot be obtained from our machine.


  • Daily life: It can be made into barbecue charcoal or used as fuel for heating.
  • Agriculture: Used as a fertilizer to improve soil quality while increasing food production.
  • Industry: further processing into activated carbon; use as construction additive (asphalt, concrete, steel)

Wood Vinegar:

  • As a pesticide, anti-insect and bactericidal
  • Improve soil

Wood Tar:

  • Used for smelting biodiesel

Flammable gas:

  • Heat carbonization furnace

Production Process You Want Know

After the material is dried in the drying furnace, it enters the inner tank of the carbonization machine through the belt conveyor to start the carbonization process

The anaerobic carbonization machine starts continuous production to form a large amount of carbon. It is continuous feeding and continuous discharging. The combustible flue gas generated in the carbonization process will be used as fuel to heat the main furnace attached to the carbonization host, thereby reducing the use of main furnace fuel.

A large amount of flue gas generated in the carbonization process will be removed by a cyclone dust collector. The purified combustible gas is transported to the burner to heat the carbonization furnace through the pipeline, and at the same time, by-products such as tar and wood vinegar are separated. The subsequent exhaust gas is removed by the cyclone and then discharged through the exhaust gas collector. The whole production process has no pollution and smoke emission, which is extremely environmentally friendly and meets the national environmental protection requirements.

Product Advantage You Want to Know


Modular Design

  • Quick assembly and commissioning
  • The carbonization furnace can be adjusted according to the actual installation conditions of the customer
  • Explicit assignment of module unit functions

Adopt flexible heat utilization

  • Hot water (<100°C), thermal oil (<330°C) & steam

Introduce advanced automation technology

  • Use Siemens PLC S7-1500 controller or Modbus control
  • Highly reliable operation data collection and processing to establish an IOT physical network control system
  • Scalable to add external components (eg packaging machines, conveyor belts, ORC, etc.)

Why Choose Shuliy Charcoal Furnace?

Shuliy is committed to providing customers with high-quality charcoal furnace. Our equipment is not only of reliable quality and affordable price but also has a high customer order rate.

  • شهادة ISO و CE
  • مبيعات المصنع مباشرة ، لا وسطاء ، وبأسعار في متناول الجميع
  • High degree of automation, 24-hour continuous operation
  • Uniform heating, fast heat transfer, uniform carbonization, high production efficiency, and up-to-standard flue gas emission
  • المكونات مصنوعة من مواد عالية الجودة ومتينة ، مع عمر خدمة طويل
  • Strict quality inspection system, carbonization furnace meets factory inspection standards
Carbonization furnace
  • Strong company strength: more than 10 years of manufacturing experience; more than 200 employees and more than 60 engineers; 12,000 square meters of factory space and 2,400 square meters of office space
  • Shuliy unique advantages: support three-party inspection; support online/on-site installation services; provide after-sales documents such as installation videos/installation manuals/operation manuals/maintenance manuals.
مصنع الشولي
  • الخدمة المنهجية: تصحيح أخطاء الآلة ، التثبيت ، تدريب الموظفين على التشغيل ، إلخ.
  • أكثر من 60 مهندسًا بعد البيع , خدمة ما بعد البيع مجانية لمدة عام
  • 24/7 الدعم الفني عبر الإنترنت. يقوم مدير المبيعات لدينا بالاتصال بالعملاء في الوقت المناسب ويقترح خطط عمل احترافية
الخدمة المخلصة
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